Look to Jesus


A Study Through the Book of Hebrews Paperback



Look to Jesus… three words that are so very simple, yet so deeply profound. In these three words we find the motto of the entire New Testament. In these three words we discover the secret of a vibrant and passionate life with Christ. But what does it mean to look to Jesus? That is the large and looming question we ask the Lord to answer for us as we embark upon this journey in our study through the Book of Hebrews. The Greek word, aphorao, used here with our English word, looking, means to turn the eyes away from other things and fix them on something. This is the only instance of this word in the entire New Testament! Literally translated it means “looking off,” looking away from other objects to One, to only One, and looking on that One with a steady, fixed and intent gaze. And that object we are to look to is a living Person, and that person is Jesus Christ, the Son of God! We are intentionally to look away from those objects which would capture our attention to focus our eyes upon Jesus. Our eyes are to be directed upon Him, looking to Jesus from everything, in everything and for everything. Are you ready to dig deeper, to find out for yourself what it means to look to Jesus? It will require a looking away from every other object that would divide or compete for your attention over the next ten weeks to focus on Him alone. As you look to Jesus to the exclusion of everything else you will be forever changed, for Scripture tells that as you and I behold Him we can’t help but become like Him, and as we become like Him we can’t help but reflect His glory to a world that desperately needs to see Him. As you look to Him, you will find Him and as you find Him you will fall deeply in love with Him. Make it your personal prayer today and in the weeks to follow to answer this question for yourself: Jesus …what does it mean to look to you? Turn your eyes upon Jesus Look full in His wonderful face And the things of earth will grow strangely dim In the light of His glory and grace


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