Together in the Faith: Philippians “Striving Together” Vol 1


(Volume 1) Paperback



The goal of Together in the Faith is to identify, understand, embrace, and live out the depth of fellowship that Paul and the Philippians shared in the gospel. Christ, Paul, and the Philippians, together in the faith, accomplished great things by “standing fast in one spirit, with one mind, striving together for the faith of the gospel (Philippians 1:27). The word “striving” must be understood if we are to benefit from our time of digging deep into the Scriptures. Its definition provides a clear picture of what it truly means to be together in the faith. R. Kent Hughes defines “striving together” as “the teamwork vocabulary of athletes or soldiers. It is the heart of winning teams.” The word “striving” comes from the Greek word sunathelo which describes a struggle requiring great determination to win. It means to contend or to wrestle together as in an athletic contest in which a group of athletes cooperate with one another as a team competing against another team, and thus working in perfect coordination against a common opponent. Together, we will see that the book of Philippians demonstrates what love looks like when it is experienced and lived out among the body of Christ. Paul’s sacrifice, rugged commitment and deep concern for the Church is mirrored by the Philippians willingness to open their hearts to Paul and their sacrificial support of the Church, though they suffered deep poverty. Together, Paul and the Philippian Church demonstrate the true fellowship through a mutual striving together for the sake of the Gospel. Our hope as you begin this new endeavor is that you grow in the grace and the knowledge of Jesus Christ and that what you hear, receive, learn and see as Paul said, you would continue in those things. Sisters, let’s begin this journey together through the Word of God with great joy, expecting Him to do wondrous things in our midst!


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