Unwrapping the Presence of Joy


10 Mini Bible Studies on Joy!



We can all relate to the joy we find in taking the time to shop to find the perfect gift for those we love. We carefully wrap each box with matching paper, bow and ribbon – only to watch it be “unwrapped” in a matter of seconds! When it comes to joy, we definitely want to take our time to unwrap it. The definition of unwrap is “to remove the covering that is around something.” Why is it necessary to unwrap joy? Although joy is within the reach of every believer, we seldom take our time to unwrap it, to uncover and live out this precious gift that is ours in Christ. Joy in God is never out of season. It is a gift that we want to unwrap each and every day. This topical Bible study on joy can be given at Christmas time or anytime of the year when we need to be reminded where our true JOY is found! There are 10 studies on joy to unwrap. Take your time opening each one! You will be surprised by what you discover!


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