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They also do no iniquity;They walk in His ways.

Psalm 119:3 

Journey, Relationship with God


One of my most memorable times of ministry were the Sundays my husband and I provided a church service for the elderly at a local retirement home. Among those who would attend were the blessed saints, men and women that had walked with God for many years.

What I remember most is the joy on their faces as we sang the old hymn, In the Garden. It was obvious as their crackling voices rose in volume, that they had walked and were still walking with God. They knew the God of whom they worshipped and there was hardly a Sunday that tears didn’t stream down my face as I watched them sing. They had walked with Him this far and He would continue to walk with them the rest of the way, and take them safely home.

When the Bible instructs us to walk in God’s ways, the Scriptures mean a “course of life” or “a mode of action to follow”. It has been said that the legalist focuses on what paths to keep away from in order to avoid unrighteousness – but those who choose to live in the grace of God choose to simply follow the way that has been marked by Jesus – steps which God created beforehand that we should walk in them, a way of life that brings stability, security and blessedness for His saints.

When we map our lives by choosing to follow in Jesus’ footsteps, His path that is laid out for us in His Word, we will not only be spared the harm of our own ways, but we will be happy. We will enjoy the journey! As we learn to apply God’s wisdom and the truths from His Word, we will see the reality of Proverbs 3:17-18:

Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace. She is a tree of life to those who take hold of her, and happy are all who retain her.


  • Purpose in your heart to walk in God’s ways!
  • Delight in the joy of His ways for they are right and true!
  • As you purpose and delight in His ways, continuing in His ways will become your way of life!

Proverbs 3 provides us with deeper insight into the ways of God. Read through it today and journal all that you discover about walking in God’s ways


Listen to the words from “In the Garden”. The hymn speaks to the simplicity of a closer walk with God. Picture walking in the garden and journal what you see.


Take a walk with God today out in the beauty of His creation and “tarry” with Him. Simply enjoy His presence and love for you. Enjoying your relationship with God will keep you walking closely by His side and in His Ways.

Journey, Relationship with God

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