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What are you able to accomplish in the 168 hours that are available to you each week? If you were to keep a daily journal, what would you discover about the way you spent your time? Matthew 6:21 teaches us, “that where are treasure is, there our hearts will be also.”

Have you ever stopped to consider that the way you spend your time reveals what you treasure?

The word treasure, thēsauro, in the Greek, describes a place in which good and precious things are collected and laid up. Think about your jewelry box, the place where you keep your valuable pendants, rings and other special trinkets. They have been stored away in order to protect them. Many of your pieces of jewelry come with memories that are often worth more than their cost. How would you feel if they were damaged or ruined?

Titus 2, Relationships, Discipleship
Jesus teaches us about two kinds of treasures. “There are the treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves come in and steal. In stark contrast to earthly treasures, there are heavenly treasures, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal (Matthew 6:19-20).”
Think of your time as a treasure. Why would you want to invest it in earthly things that will fade and pass away, things that have no eternal value? Jesus is asking us to examine our hearts to identify if we are living for the earthly or the eternal. When we come to the end of our lives, will we leave behind a legacy that is eternal?

What I have discovered over the years, is there is only one investment that is guaranteed to produce lasting fruit that will outlive you – and that is relationships. 

Not only am I called to treasure family relationships,but also kingdom relationships. God is a God of relationship, and I have been commanded to build the kingdom through evangelism and discipleship. As Titus 2 women, God has called you and me to invest in the younger woman. How can you or I possibly obey that instruction if we have no time committed to it?

Take time to record how you spent your time last week. How much of it was spent in relationship with your family? How much of it was spent investing in the kingdom? If at the end of your week, your time reveals you had no time for relationships, you allowed some thieves to come in and steal it away.

Don’t be disheartened, you can make better choices next week by calling a young woman or new believer to invite her for coffee. You can plan a special date night for you and your husband. Or schedule a game night with family and friends. Remember your time is a treasure and the way that you spend it will reveal where your heart is.

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