Beautiful Feet


Bringing a Message of Peace to a World in Pieces



What does it mean to have beautiful feet? These verses are not concerned with the external beauty of our feet, but the beauty of the message that we bear. Those with beautiful feet are those who preach the gospel of peace and bring the good news of Jesus Christ! To be in pieces means to be shattered or broken. Everything in the world is broken. Our government is broken, our financial system is broken, and our schools are broken. Let’s bring that reality a little closer to home. Our cities are broken, our neighborhoods are broken, and our families are broken. This means, that in the very things these institutions were designed to bring: peace, safety, and comfort, they are powerless to accomplish. Now is the time to preach the gospel of peace, to bring the good news of Jesus Christ! Christ alone has the power to transform and restore that which is broken. Now that we know that God wants to use our beautiful feet, the question becomes are they willing to go? Doubt, fear, and insecurities keep our feet from walking into the darkness to bring the light of the gospel message. This study is designed to help you overcome your fears and challenge you to use your beautiful feet to bring the good news to those God has placed in your sphere of influence. Part of the armor of God, as described by the apostle Paul, is the shoes of the preparation of the gospel of peace. The sandals of the Roman soldier “often were fitted with nails, or armed with spikes, to make them hold firm in the ground.” God’s good news, and our marching orders to preach it, serve as our firm foundation. When we truly allow ourselves to take comfort in the good news promised by God, no forces that the world can marshal will trouble our hearts or give us reason to be afraid. Christ has overcome the world, and we have nothing to fear from it! Therefore, the purpose of our time in the Book of Romans will be twofold: First, we want to gain a deeper understanding of the gospel and its power to save. Second, we want to learn how to live out the truths of the gospel, in order to daily bear witness to the transforming power of Christ. With these two goals deeply rooted in our minds and hearts, our beautiful feet will be ready and willing to proclaim salvation to everyone.


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