Finishing Well




Modern terminology refers to a woman’s older years as the “third third” of her life. This is not a time to check out, but a time to be fully invested in order to make her mark and finish well! This “third third” of life is also known as the golden years; or the time of retirement after turning 65. For the purposes of this study, we are choosing to focus on a second definition. The golden years are also known as a period in which someone or something flourishes. Because retirement is not an option for the older believer, a woman’s golden years are to be a time of flourishing and fruitfulness—


So get ready for a challenging and exciting journey…
Regardless of fatigue – finish well.
In spite of opposition – finish well.
Though tempted to quit – finish well.
Complete what you started – finish well.
You are on the home stretch – finish well.
Do what you said you would do – finish well.
Be a much needed example for others to see – finish well.
Remind yourself of all the reasons you began – finish well.
Another level of fulfillment and your next assignment awaits you – finish well.


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