Girl Talk


Girl Talk: 10 Life-Changing Conversations about Biblical Womanhood Paperback



“From time to time talk becomes effective, conquering like war, widening the boundaries of knowledge like an exploration.” Robert Louis Stevenson The definition of a conversation is a sharing of thoughts and ideas. One online dictionary uses the example of two friends talking while having coffee together. I love coffee and conversation, especially when it is centered on the Word of God. Seldom do we take the time to gather together as women and “talk” our way through the Scriptures. The kind of “talks” where we ask the hard questions, engage one another in life-changing conversations, exposing the lies of the culture in an effort to bring biblical truth to the forefront. It is precisely this type of conversation that promotes a deeper walk with God and authenticity with His people. “Girl Talk” is a series of conversations challenging women to embrace their womanhood, biblical womanhood. You may not have noticed, but the truths of biblical womanhood are under attack, being challenged both by the culture and the church. Every woman, whether she recognizes it or not, has been influenced by “feminist” thinking. She takes these thoughts with her into her home, her workplace, her ministry and out into the world, not understanding that her ideas have consequences. In order to be a light to the world around her, a woman must know what it is that she believes, so that she can fulfill her Titus role, and influence the generation coming up after her. It’s not difficult today to find books on the topic of biblical womanhood, but each author brings with their writing a personal opinion, a “bent” that leaves the reader with a “little bit of the Bible” and a lot of the writer’s influential thought. It is not enough to embrace what other writers believe about biblical womanhood; we must come to the One who is the expert on the topic.


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