In Step with the Spirit


A Six Week Topical Study on the Holy Spirit Paperback



In the Book of Galatians, Paul challenges us to “keep in step” with the Spirit. To communicate this biblical truth, he uses an interesting word in the Greek – stoicheo. This word references a military command to form a straight line or to march in ordered rows and can also be applied to a group of dancers. African stepping which is popular today finds its origins in a combination of military close order formations and exhibition drills. Soldiers drill for hours and learn to obey both visual and spoken commands. Drill instructors teach them to march and move in a way that is completely unfamiliar. Not only do they learn to keep in step individually, but they learn to function as a unit. And so it is in the Christian life. When we receive Christ, the Holy Spirit indwells us and He sets the line and pace for us to follow. At first the Spirit-filled life is foreign to us so we must learn how to be led by the Spirit; how to “keep in step” with Him. We must learn how to be sensitive to His voice, listen for His commands, heed His warnings and follow closely after Him. More importantly, being in step with the Spirit is not only crucial to the individual life of the believer, but Paul makes it clear to you and to me that to truly keep in step with the Spirit, we must also be in step with our brothers and sisters in Christ. In battle, the soldier that broke rank, not only endangered himself, he endangered all of his fellow soldiers. So too are we a danger to the church when we are “out of step” with the Body of Christ. This study is designed to encourage, equip and empower you to “keep in step” with the Spirit. Whether you are a new or seasoned believer in Christ, the truths of God’s Word are sure to meet you right where you are at. We all need more of the Spirit in our lives and whether these truths come as new and fresh or glorious reminders, our spiritual life will benefit tremendously as we seek to follow hard after the Spirit and the abundant life that is promised to every believer. Now it’s time to “take a step” to “keep in step”!


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