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Time Management, Spiritual Growth

Need More Time?

When I thought about all the topics I could blog about for 2016, it occurred to me that every woman I know struggles with time. Often we say things like, “I wish I had more time”, “Sorry but I don’t have time,” “I ran out of time.” “Where did the time go?” Sound familiar?

Before I began writing Bible studies, time was not a big issue for me. I was busy, but I didn’t need an extra five hours a day to write! There is no way I could have written even one study, without learning how to make better use of my time. How about you? Is there something God has called you to do, but you just haven’t found the time? Are you always busy, but never seem to be accomplishing anything?
Then my blog will be the answer to your problems!

There are Hundreds of Books on Time Management

There are hundreds of books available on the topic of time management, but since you probably don’t have time to read them all, it’s important to limit your choices. How about the Bible? You may not already know it, but God is an expert on the topic of time; in fact He cares deeply about the subject.

I hope you will join me over the next few weeks as I blog through the Bible and share some great time management tips that I have learned along the way! Start off the 2016 year by controlling your time so that it doesn’t control you!

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