Victorious Vol I


Lessons from Old Testament Women Who Walked Victoriously with God Paperback



Every woman has a story. Every woman has a struggle. Every woman has a promise of victory. God has given us the examples of women in the Bible who walked victoriously with Him. Women, very much like you and me, who didn’t have it all together, but loved God. His love saw them through trials, painful circumstances and struggles and brought about His perfect will in their lives. We make a grievous error when we believe that the women in the Bible are somehow irrelevant to the lives we are living today. These women were meant to be our heroines, our comrades and our closest friends. Their lives stand as a testimony to the power of God’s love and faithfulness. This study is a tribute to the women in the Old Testament, who knew their God and understood His love and they leave a legacy of victory. They trusted, obeyed and were faithful during hard and difficult times and we have much to learn from their example. As we uncover each woman’s story, her struggle and victory, may it forever change our lives and may we too be more than “victorious” through Him who loves us.


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